For those looking to increase the value of their property in Brigham City, consider landscaping projects. Landscaping is one of the few projects where the value increases with time. Interior design trends go out of fashion and mechanical system upgrades wear out over time. Landscaping, though? As long as you do the maintenance, your plants will grow fuller and more robust over time. This makes them more valuable, giving you an instant increase in property value that only gets better with age.

How Much Does Landscaping Increase Property Value?

First impressions are important for property value, whether it’s for residential or rental properties. Because landscaping is one of the first things buyers or renters will see, it can increase the property value substantially. It’s dependent on a lot of factors, but the increase can be anywhere from 5.5% to 12.7%. If the property value starts at $300K, that can be an increase of $16K to $38K. With proper maintenance, that value can only increase!

How Can CV Lawn King Help With Landscaping Projects?

Landscaping maintenance is CV Lawn King’s bread and butter. It’s what we do. Here are 5 types of maintenance we can help you with to keep your property value growing.

1. Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is an important part of keeping your grass healthy and looking good. Mowing is the easiest part of lawn maintenance. If people look at your lawn and see the grass is a foot tall, it suggests that you don’t care about the property. Keeping the grass at the right height is also important for keeping it healthy during the summer. The taller the grass, the more water and nutrients it will need to stay healthy. If it grows too tall, you’ll find it hard to keep it green when the weather gets hot.

2. Weed Control

Weeds will always pop up in any garden or yard. They look unsightly, especially if they’re bright and attention grabbing (like dandilions), or have burs and thorns (like thistles). They don’t just look ugly, though; weeds choke out the plants you’re trying to nurture. They’re opportunistic feeders, with root systems optimized for sucking up moisture and nutrients from the soil faster than other plants around them. A few weeds won’t kill your garden, but they will stunt its growth.

3. Garden and Flower Bed Layout

flower bed and garden Gardens and flower beds give a splash of color that livens up your yard. It creates a strong impression and gives a serious boost to your curb appeal. What kind of flowers do you plant, though? How do you design a flower bed that looks good and is easy to manage? We can help you with that. Not only can we help you build it, we can help you maintain it as well!

4. Sprinklers

When it comes to keeping your yard well-watered, sprinklers are some of the most useful tools. We can help you in every aspect of this. Whether it’s installation, repair, or fall blow-outs to prevent freezing, we can do the whole job.

5. Seasonal Clean-Up

Twice a year, before and after winter, you’ll need to do some seasonal clean-up. When spring comes, you’ll want to remove excess snow, trim and prune your trees and shrubs, and get rid of the debris that builds up over the winter. Before it snows, you want to do any last-minute clean up projects to keep the weight of the snow from smothering your lawn, or creating appealing spots for pests and fungus to form nests over the winter.

We Can Help!

t CV Lawn King, we’re experts in all aspects of landscaping maintenance. We operate in Cache Valley, the Bear Lake area, and Box Elder County, including Brigham City, Tremonton, Fielding, Garland and Willard. We do work for residential and commercial properties.

If you’re looking to increase the property value of your home or commercial building, landscaping projects can give you an instant boost that only increases over time. But to get that boost, you need regular maintenance. CV Lawn King can help you out. If you want to see your property value improve dramatically, then get in touch with us today. We can help you with all of your landscaping maintenance needs!