Winter’s arrival transforms our surroundings into a magical wonderland, bringing along the not-so-enchanting chore of snow removal. Many common snow removal mistakes can turn this snowy endeavor into a challenging experience. 

Below, we will examine these concerns and share some tips on strategies to steer clear of these issues, making your snow removal routine more seamless, simple, and efficient.

Ignoring the Forecast

The biggest mistake you can make is not monitoring the weather forecast. CV Lawn King recommends staying informed about upcoming snowfall to plan your removal strategy. 

This proactive approach can help you plan ahead and save you from waking up at the usual time then scrambling to clear the snow before work.

Choosing the Wrong Tools

Not all snow removal tools are created equal. Using a snow shovel when a snow blower is needed or vice versa can make the task much more complicated than it needs to be. CV Lawn King can help you secure the right tools for different scenarios. 

A snow shovel is perfect for light, fluffy snow, while a snow blower or snow plow is ideal for heavier accumulations. For skiffs up to three inches, we recommend using a Snowcaster shovel to cover a lot of ground safely and quickly.

Postponing Removal

Letting snow accumulate before tackling it is a common mistake. Regular, smaller sessions are more manageable than dealing with deep snow all at once. 

We advise clearing snow every hour during a storm to prevent it from becoming compacted and turning into an icy, stubborn layer.

Forgetting Safety Precautions

Safety should be a priority when engaging in snow removal. Rushing the process or neglecting to wear appropriate clothing can lead to injuries. 

Always take breaks, use proper lifting techniques, and wear non-slip footwear to ensure a safe snow removal experience.

Neglecting Deicing

Removing the snow is only part of the battle. The application of deicing agents can help you avoid leaving your pathways and driveways slippery and hazardous. We recommend using ice melt products to prevent slips and falls while protecting your landscaping.

Not Clearing Pathways Completely

Some homeowners clear only a narrow path, leaving the rest of the walkway covered in snow. We suggest widening your cleared area to ensure safe passage and reduce the risk of ice formation.

That’s A Wrap

Winter can be a wonderland, but it comes with challenges, especially in snow removal. By avoiding these common mistakes and following CV Lawn King’s tips, you can turn your winter chore into a more manageable and enjoyable task. 

Remember, a well-prepared approach and the right tools can make all the difference in keeping your property snow-free and safe. Stay warm, and happy snow removal!