Landscape Products Delivery

Let us simplify your DIY landscaping project and even save you money with our landscaping products delivery services. Our delivery services are often cheaper than the delivery prices charged by landscape product companies. If you don’t have a truck or have limited time, we’ve got you covered at CV Lawn King.

Residential Landscaping Products Delivery Services

 Any major landscaping project at your home will likely require some landscaping products. These products may include boulders or decorative rocks for xeriscaping, flagstones, and roadbase for pavers and pathways, or weed blockers and mulch for flower beds. Whatever your do-it-yourself landscaping project requires, save time and money with landscaping product delivery services from CV Lawn King.

As a full-service residential landscaping company, we are very familiar with the different landscape products available in Cache Valley. We can consult with you on which products we have had success with, as well as provide a helping hand in delivering them directly to your residential location. In the event that you are working on your project only during evening and weekend hours, delivery of products from CV Lawn King can save you precious time so when you arrive at your project, your landscape products are available and ready to go.

Delivery can save you money because we typically charge less to pick up your order and deliver it than the landscaping products companies charge for delivery. Additionally, you don’t have to take time off work to pick up your products or take multiple trips picking up products, one truckload at a time. Delivery fees depend on the size of your order, as well as your pickup and delivery locations. Call us today for your delivery estimate.

Commercial Landscaping Products Delivery

In addition to residential landscaping product delivery services, CV Lawn King also offers delivery for commercial purposes. Outsourcing time-consuming tasks can be a great way to increase the efficiency of your local landscaping business. This could include outsourcing the delivery of your landscaping products such as road base, boulders, gravel, or mulch. 

Sometimes, however, landscape product providers charge significantly more for a delivered product than a product picked up by the customer. That is where CV Lawn King comes in. Schedule our team to provide the delivery instead, and see how much time and money you can save!

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