Yard and Lawn Care and Maintenance

At CV Lawn King, our goal is to help you take back your weekends by
providing top quality lawn care. We go above and beyond lawn mowing by providing a variety of yard care services
such as lawn aeration, fertilization, tree services, stump removal, and more.

Lawn Care in Logan Utah

If you are looking for quality lawn care services in Logan, Utah or the surrounding areas, CV Lawn King is proud to provide excellent residential lawn care and yard maintenance services to our neighbors here in Cache Valley. We offer complete lawn mowing and edging services that will leave your yard looking clean, green, and beautiful.

At CV Lawn King, we are more than a lawn mowing service; we are grass experts. We can protect your turf by caring for the health of your lawn through pest control, fertilization, aeration and more. If your lawn is patchy, sickly, or has seen better days, let us revitalize it for you so you can enjoy your yard over the weekend.

Tree and Shrub Trimming and Tree Stump Removal

We strive to provide our customers with a one-stop shop for their yard maintenance needs. That is why, on top of our lawn care services, we offer shrub and tree trimming, as well as stump removal. Proper tree pruning is important to the health and growth of your ornamental trees and can greatly enhance their appearance. Pruning is especially important if you have fruit trees and want to maximize your harvest. Tree pruning should happen when your trees are dormant, however, if you have tree limbs that are concerning, you may want to get it trimmed as soon as possible.
Tree stumps are unsightly, and can continue to produce little saplings that have to be removed over and over again. Additionally, tree stumps can harbor fungus and pests such as termites and present a tripping hazard. If you have a tree stump or two that you are ready to have removed, call us at
(435) 740-4392 to schedule a free consultation.

Yard Cleanup, Flower Bed Planning, and Garden Preparation

On top of turf and lawn care, we offer a variety of other residential yard care services. Consider our property and yard cleanup services if your yard needs a little sprucing. Maybe you are looking to sell a home, have recently bought a home, or simply don’t have time or energy to pull weeds, remove unwanted shrubs, or clear away items or debris from your property. Each fall, give us a call to remove all those leaves off your lawn to protect your grass from rot during the winter and spring.

If you would like some assistance in planning or preparing your flower beds to create beauty and increase your curb appeal, we can help with that. Our team can prepare the beds by weeding or laying drip irrigation. We can also plan and plant your flower garden to maximize beauty while minimizing weeding and maintenance. At CV Lawn King, are familiar with perennials, annuals, grasses, and native plants of many varieties.

Looking to grow a garden in the spring? Let CV Lawn King’s gardening service come prepare your garden bed, large or small, so you can enjoy gardening again. We can take on the back breaking work of weeding, clearing, and tilling your garden to create optimal growing conditions for your fruits and vegetables this growing season.

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