Sprinkler Planning & Maintenance Services in Northern Utah

From sprinkler design, to installation, to repair and maintenance, our experienced team at CV Lawn King is here for you. We can keep your home or business looking great and help you conserve water with efficient sprinkler system design.

Residential Sprinkler System Services

You work hard. At CV Lawn King, we specialize in helping homeowners take back their weekends with expert yard maintenance services such as sprinkler installation, system design, maintenance and repair. Whether you are planning a xeriscape with minimal irrigation or a large lawn, our experienced irrigation planners know what you will need to keep your lawn, native plants, and flower beds looking stunning. Or, let us help you upgrade your sprinkler heads or control box for added water efficiency.

Residential Sprinkler System Repair and Sprinkler Blowout

If you are in need of sprinkler repairs, look no further. We will quickly repair the damaged parts with minimal disruption to your existing lawn and plants, getting you back up and running in no time. Every winter, there is a risk of sprinkler pipes breaking or backflow valves needing to be replaced because water is left inside the sprinkler system. Let us winterize your sprinkler system to ensure that your investment is protected all winter long.

Don’t Delay! Call the Lawn King Today!

Sprinkler systems are a lifesaver, if only you can get them in the ground or make the needed repairs! Don’t drag hoses for another summer. Don’t spend another winter worrying about what the condition of your sprinkler system will be, come spring. Call CV Lawn King and get the ball rolling for your home sprinkler system installation, winterization, or repairs.

Commercial Sprinkler System Services

As a small business ourselves, we know the importance of first impressions. For many business owners (and schools, churches, or community organizations), the outside of your establishment is the first impression. Some potential customers will even pass you by if that impression is a poor one. Let CV Lawn King help your business make a good impression today.

Commercial Sprinkler System Installation and Upgrades

When your new build needs a full sprinkler system design and installation, it’s time to call CV Lawn King. We have the experience to create a full sprinkler system design and install your new system for you, as well as planting new grass seed or laying new sod.

Maybe you have an existing landscape and irrigation system, but you want to upgrade your existing sprinkler system to conserve water with more efficient sprinkler heads and smart sprinkler controls, or make a change to xeriscaping and native plants. We do that too. At CV Lawn King, we take the time to get to know you and your priorities, and help you design the custom sprinkler solution that meets your needs.

Commercial Sprinkler System Repair, Maintenance, and Installation

Even a small dry spot on your lawn can be a large eye sore at your commercial property. If something is not working properly, let our sprinkler technicians come diagnose the problem and make the repairs. Routine sprinkler system maintenance can save a lot of money down the road, and sprinkler winterization is a large part of that maintenance. Schedule in advance and have our team shut down your sprinkler system each fall, and blowout the lines to ensure that you will have a fully functional sprinkler system come spring.

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