The Importance of Good Watering Practices

Last year, we talked about the best watering practices for Cache Valley. We don’t just cover Cache Valley, though. We also do business in Brigham City, Bear Lake, and the surrounding areas for both. Since summer is coming up, we thought we’d talk about how watering practices differ in the other areas of northern Utah and Idaho.

Brigham City Watering Practices

Brigham City is especially interested in water conservation and water source protection. Like Cache Valley, they charge up to a certain amount based on your system’s size, with increasing fees for overuse. They also have additional mandatory water restrictions that they can employ in the summer months, or during drought. The most recent updates for these rules were created in 2014. Unless stated otherwise, the policies remain unchanged.

The policy is divided into three stages of watering restrictions. At stage one, outdoor water usage is restricted between the hours of 10 AM-6 PM, with exceptions being allowed on certain days based on address. Vehicles can only be washed at commercial car washes to reduce waste water.

In stage 2, they add that water cannot be used for ornamental purposes. Fire hydrants can only be used for fire protection.

In stage 3, swimming pools, hot tubs and similar recreational devices cannot be filled or topped of, though water in them can still be used. Lawns cannot be watered at all, though gardens, potted plants, and small landscaped areas can be watered according to the time restrictions previously described.

These stages are implemented on an as-needed basis and must be followed. Violating these ordinances results in fines up to the third time. After the third time, each violation will be considered a class C misdemeanor require a court appearance. Even when water restrictions are in place, Brigham City asks you to consider water conservation efforts at all times to reduce the need for mandatory restrictions.

Bear Lake Watering Practices

Bear Lake is also concerned with water conservation. For the past decade, we’ve seen Bear Lake at abnormally low levels, so they take water use very seriously. Helpfully, the Bear Lake Department of Water has provided a clear list of their regulations for water use.

You can only water Bear Lake before 9 AM and after 6 PM from April 1st to November 1st. They allow certain exceptions based on address and day, and by permit. They also forbid watering within 48 hours of any precipitation. Bear Lake requires the use of certain types of equipment to prevent waste water and cars cannot be washed using hoses (buckets and sponges are required). The full details are linked to above. You can also read the full legal document, but the simplified list linked to above is much easier to follow.

Smart Irrigation

It’s a good idea to know how to minimize the amount of water you need to use. We also talked about the various tools and systems you can install to better manage water usage in a previous article. These are all very useful tools and can help you conserve water. Remember that Bear Lake requires all lawn care systems comply with their water use regulations. Make sure your equipment can follow the law, or you will be fined.

Let CV Lawn King Help!

Water restrictions haven’t been put in place anywhere yet, but it is June now. At least in Cache Valley, we’re still getting regular rain (and occasional hail), but the summer months always get hot. We can expect to see water restrictions put in place very soon. Right now, before things get hot, is the best time to be doing everything you can to get a strong, healthy lawn. The healthier it is at the start of the summer, the less water it needs to stay healthy through the hot months.

At CV Lawn King, we’re experts at lawn maintenance and can help you get ready for the upcoming dry weather that’s sure to hit. There’s still time! If you’d like to have us help you make sure your lawn is ready for the heat, then get in touch with us today.