Local Landscaping Services

When you are in need of landscape grading, pathway installation, lawn installation, or other landscaping services, you can trust CV Lawn King to get the job done correctly.

Commercial Landscaping Services

At CV Lawn King, we have experience with both residential landscaping and commercial landscaping. With commercial landscaping, we understand the importance of attractive landscaping that provides a welcoming environment to customers. We also understand that business owners need affordable landscaping. Our landscaping experts can help you choose the right flowers, trees, grass, and other plant life for your business needs.

Residential Landscaping Company

As a residential landscaping company, we can help with the initial landscaping design and lawn installation as well as provide yard maintenance services so that your property is
taken care of throughout the year. Our landscaping services are ideal for those, including but not limited to, moving into a new home, remodeling their current yard, or adjusting their yard to fit HOA requirements. Choosing the right plant life for your home can be a difficult task, especially if you are unfamiliar with plant requirements for sunshine, watering, and spacing. Our landscaping team can design a beautiful space that you and your family can enjoy.

Xeriscape Landscaping Services

Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping that reduces the need for irrigation. Xeriscaping has become increasingly popular in Utah, as the hot summer months often take a toll on homeowners and business owners budgets. Our team can help you choose plant life that is ideal for drier climates, meaning it does not require as much watering. Contact our landscaping team today to learn more about the benefits of xeriscaping.

Landscaping Business in Utah

At CV Lawn King, we have many years of experience in landscaping and yard care services. We appreciate our loyal customers who have supported our local landscaping business throughout the years. Get a free estimate today by calling our customer service team at (435) 740-4392.

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