Property and Yard Cleanup Services in Cache Valley

At CV Lawn King, we offer a variety of residential and commercial landscaping services, including yard and property cleanup. Let us help get your home, church, rental or commercial property looking its best.

Residential Yard Cleanup Services

Whether your yard is large or small, CV Lawn King is here to make your outdoor space look and feel amazing with our residential yard cleaning services. Consider our cleanup services for annual fall leaf cleanup, getting your yard ready for a special event, or preparing your home for sale. If you recently purchased a new home, we will come get the yard in tip top condition, so you don’t have to.

Fall Leaf Cleanup Services

Autumn brings us sweaters, pumpkin spice flavored everything, and piles and piles of fall leaves. While fun to play in and beautiful to look at, the autumn leaves actually present a problem for your lawn, if left on the ground all winter. The layer of leaves can create a barrier that can suffocate a lawn and rotting leaves produce heat that can rot the roots of your grass. Consider our leaf cleanup services as part of your annual yard maintenance to protect the health of your lawn throughout the winter.

Yard Cleanup When Selling a Home

There are so many things to do when selling your home. Let CV Lawn King take one of those tasks off your list with our yard cleanup services. We will quickly and efficiently spruce up your property by removing weeds and unwanted shrubs, or clearing away items and debris from your yard. Increase your curb appeal with yard cleanup from CV Lawn King.

Residential Tree Services and Stump Removal

Cleaning up your yard can be a daunting task, especially if you have unruly shrubs and trees. At CV Lawn King, we are happy to take the time to prune and shape trees and shrubs, remove the brush and limbs, and help you reclaim your outdoor space. We also provide tree stump removal by grinding the stumps out below ground level to protect your home and family. Leftover stumps can present a tripping hazard, are an eyesore, and can even harbor unwanted pests such as termites and fungus. Call our experienced team today for a free estimate for your yard cleanup project.

Commercial Property Cleanup Services

As a small business, we know all too well how important it is to make a good first impression on people. When a customer or client arrives at your place of business, you want their first impression to be one of quality and professionalism.

Seasonal Property Cleanup Services

As the seasons change, cleaning up your property is important, and often overlooked. At CV Lawn King, we come to you to ensure your leaves are raked in the fall, your lawn is dethatched and aerated in the spring, and your property remains clean year round. These cleanup tasks are important to the health of your turf. Leaf cleanup prevents winter root rot of your grass, and dethatching and lawn aeration in the spring allow your grass to “breathe” as it comes out of dormancy and becomes green again.

Outdoor Construction Cleanup Services

As your building project comes to a close, there are always loose ends to tie up, including site cleanup. Let CV Lawn King haul away unwanted materials and debris. We can grade the property and even plan or install a sprinkler system or landscape. Let us help you wrap up your construction project with outdoor cleanup or other landscaping services.

Other Commercial Property Cleanup Needs

Whether from vandalism, a wind storm, heavy snow, or other acts of nature, sometimes you will have an unexpected mess to clean up on your commercial property. Our team has the skills, tools, and experience to help you get the job done quickly and safely so that you can focus on the important aspects of running your business, school, church or other community organization. Call us at 435-740-4392 to ask about your specific property cleanup needs.

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