Prepping for Snow

I look out the window and what do I see? No, not popcorn, where would you get an idea like that? No, I see snow. True, it’s not a lot of snow and will almost certainly be melted in less than an hour from this moment, but it’s still snow. It’s coming and you need to be prepared for it. If you’re a business in Cache Valley, Brigham City, or the Bear Lake area, we can help!

Big Fleet Snow Plow Equipment

The Snow Caster shovel might be the best tool for cleaning sidewalks and driveways, but for businesses, you might need something a little bigger. Say, a skidster or backhoe? Well, have we got good news for you! CV Lawn King has exactly that sort of equipment. We can handle the big property jobs to keep your business area clear of snow.

Get On The Schedule

The most important part of snow removal is keeping it timely. You need to get that snow removed quickly to keep your business up and running during the winter months. That’s why we have schedules for snow removal arranged on four hour shifts. If you sign up for snow removal services from us, then you can be sure that in the even to of a big snowstorm, we’ll be able to get to you within four hours. With our top of the line equipment, we can clear your business’s parking lot of snow in no time flat!

Snow is Coming

The National Weather Service is predicting average precipitation for this year, while the Farmer’s Almanac is saying we’ll have above average snow. Whichever it ends up being, you can bet there will be snow. Are you ready to handle it? If you’re a business in Cache Valley, Brigham City, or the Bear Lake area and you want to be sure you can handle whatever snow comes your way, get in touch with us today. Get on our schedule so you can rest easy knowing that our team will be ready to bail you out in the event of a snowstorm!