Spring Landscape Projects

Have you been wanting to do some landscaping for your yard or business. Most people like to start landscaping projects in the spring, but make the mistake of waiting until spring to start planning. Right now, in January and February, it’s the right time to start planning your spring landscape projects. Here’s why.

1. Spring is A Busy Season

As I said, people often decide to start planning in spring. That means every landscaping crew is going to be busy in the spring, making it hard for you to find someone who’s free. Don’t forget the time it takes to get a permit, either. If you wait to start planning your spring landscaping projects until spring, you might not even get someone to start on it until summer. Instead, starting now means that you have your choice of landscaping companies. None of them are busy in the winter, so they’ll have plenty of time to consult you on what to do with your project. Then, instead of waiting until summer to get it done, you start as soon as the weather gets warm enough to dig and you’re done in a few weeks. Then the whole rest of the year is yours to enjoy your yard.

2. Some Parts of Landscaping Are Better Done in Winter

While we don’t normally think of winter as the time for landscaping, there are some things that are better done in winter than any other time. For example, when the leaves are all off the trees, it’s much easier to evaluate the work that needs to be done on them. Many plants handle pruning and transplanting better if it’s done while they’re dormant. If you start planning in winter, you can get these done at the best time to do it.

3. Reserve Seeds Ahead of Time

Most people aren’t buying seeds in winter. That means you’ll have all the options you could possibly want for your spring landscape projects. Don’t wait until everybody’s buying and risk stores running out!

4. Easier Pace

If you start planning your spring landscape projects now, you’ll be in less of a rush later. It gives you more time, so you can go at a more leisurely pace and not have to worry about running out of time before the best window of time closes on you. We could all use more time to relax, right?

5. Save Money

Last year, we had a lot of clients who were frustrated by how much Covid-19 took a chunk out of their business. They couldn’t afford to pay for proper landscaping maintenance. Some tried calling us in less, but this just resulted in the landscaping maintenance needing more work when we came out, so the costs remained about the same.

Knowing this might be an issue this year, you can plan ahead. Redoing your business’s landscape can let us set you up with a landscape that’ be easier and cheaper to do maintenance for. You can plant shrubs and flowers that require less water so you can save money on the summer on your water bill. A landscaping project like that will need to be done before summer to make the most of it, so getting an early start will help ensure it gets done on time.

We’re Ready To Help

CV Lawn King is ready to help you with your spring landscape projects. Getting ahead on them now will save you more money in the long run. We can help you plan out your projects so you can get the earliest possible start and have it done in time to really enjoy the summer. We do projects all around Cache Valley and the surrounding areas. We’ve done jobs in Tremonton, Harrisville, and Brigham City, and even Paris, Idaho. If you’ve got a job that you want to get done this spring, get in touch with us today! An early start on the planning will make sure it gets done on time!