Do You Have Your Sprinkler Blowout Scheduled?

It’s that time of year again: autumn. Among all the other great aspects of the season comes new yard maintenance chores. One thing you’ll have to do before winter is get your sprinklers blown out. Sprinkler blowouts, as we’ve explained before, are necessary to keep your sprinkler pipes in good condition. Without it, the water in the pipes freezes, expands, and the pipes burst from the pressure. When spring comes and everything thaws, you’ll see your yard (and possibly your basement) flooded by it.

Do I Really Need A Sprinkler Blowout This Year?

Some people have asked us if they really need a sprinkler blowout this year. After all, with that massive drought we had, we haven’t been watering our lawns as much. Some of us might not have even watered all summer. Well, let me ask you: did you water at any point this year? The answer is probably yes. That means that you have water in your pipes. It doesn’t go away just because you haven’t watered in a long time. It stays in the pipes until pressure forces it out. So, if you’ve watered your lawn at any point this year, yes, you need a sprinkler blowout.

Schedule Now, Beat The Rush

It’s still early in the fall, only mid-September. What’s the rush? Well, there isn’t one now, but in a month, there certainly will be. You don’t want to get the blowout right now, but you want to schedule it for now so you aren’t competing with others for time when it needs to get done. If you wait, you might find everybody is trying to have their sprinklers blown out and you get pushed back on the schedule until later than you should. If you wait too long, you might find an early snowfall hitting before your turn comes up. At that point, it might be too late. Sudden cold snaps in late fall are usually the worst times for freezing pipes because you aren’t expecting them and aren’t prepared for it.

When Should I Get It Done

You should definitely schedule right away. If you wait until you see frost on the ground, you’ve waited too long to schedule, since that’s the signal everybody else goes by. When should you schedule to have it done, though? You definitely shouldn’t wait until November. Early cold snaps usually hit Cache Valley in November if they hit at all. We’ve had early cold snaps in October before as well – I remember trick-or-treating as a kid with snow on the ground one year – but I don’t remember a recent one.

Best time would be late mid to late October. That gives you a little more time to water your lawn to help it recover from the drought, but will still get your pipes cleared out before any possible cold snaps.

Give Us A Call

Here at CV Lawn King, we can handle all of your yard maintenance needs. That includes blowing out your sprinkler system. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment for it, get in touch and we’ll set you up with a good time. Just don’t wait too long, or you’ll run the risk of an early cold snap freezing your pipes before you’ve got them ready for winter!