Get On the Schedule Now

We’re coming up on the beginning of spring. Last month we talked about planning your projects out. Now, it’s time to schedule your spring landscape projects.

Why Schedule Now?

It’s just as important to schedule ahead as it is to plan ahead. There are times when it’s best to do certain things with your landscape and you want to get started on those as soon as possible. The thing about schedules, though, is they fill up. If you wait until the time to start doing before calling up your landscaper, you might just find they don’t have any openings until later. This might mean that some of your projects get started late and it will be a more difficult time getting them done. So, if you have any projects planned, now is the time to set a date to get started on them.

Things To Schedule Right Now

As I said, everything has a proper time for when you should start. Some you have to wait on, but others you can schedule now. These include

1. Sprinkler Repair

If your sprinklers need repairing, you’ll want to get that done first thing. You’ll have to dig up the buried pipes to fix them. Since you’ll be digging up, there’s no point in doing any fine work on the lawn until that’s finished and the holes filled back in.

2. Dethatching Your Lawn

Over time, grass dies and the dead blades form what’s called thatch. A little thatch is good, as it insulates your lawn from high and low temperatures. However, if it builds up to more than half an inch, it also starts to block water and nutrients. When it gets to this level, you must remove the thatch with a rake. This will also help you remove any leaves or excess debris left by the winter

The best time to do this is when the grass starts to actively grow and the soil is still moist from the freshly melted snow. That will be pretty soon.

3. Aeration

Once you finish dethatching and removing winter debris, it will be time for aeration. Aeration is an important part of making sure the soil doesn’t get too compacted. Compact soil is bad because it makes it hard for plants to get the nutrients in the soil and the soil won’t absorb as much water.

4. Replanting Sod

Finally, after everything else is done, you do the final repairs to your grass. If there’s any dead patches of grass on your lawn, early spring is when you want to replant it. After dethatching, you’ll want to reseed or replant sod in any dead patches.

What To Schedule For The Future

While the above are things you’ll be needing to do soon, there are bigger projects you’ll want to save for later in spring. That said, scheduling now will help ensure that it starts on time and that there’s availability for you. These will be the bigger projects that we’ve been saying you should be planning for a couple months now. Things like redoing your lawn to use less water, adding new features, or general re-landscaping. These are projects you want to start in mid spring, when things have warmed up enough, but while you still have time for the plants to get used to the new situation before the summer heat kicks in.

Call Us Today

Some of these projects are easy enough to do on your own, but others are major projects that you’ll need help with. Even for the simpler ones, it might be a question of how much time you have to spare. Whatever your situation is, we’re ready to help you. We’re building our spring schedule right now, so if you need some help, it’s time to get on it. Don’t get stuck searching wildly for someone to help you when it’s time to start. Get a hold of us today and we’ll pencil you in.